The 3 Ingredients That Cure Clogged Arteries, Infections and Colds


This natural beverage is actually an old German alternative medicine that has been used for ages.

The beverage is made from 3 natural ingredients that are super healthy and can improve your overall health.

Health Benefits You Get:

It regulates increased blood fat levels

It prevents and treats congestion of the arteries

It prevents and treats colds and infections

It’s a natural immune system booster

It’s a natural liver cleanser

It prevents fatigue

Ingredients you need to prepare the natural medicine:

4 lemons with peels

4 whole garlics

1 small ginger root

2 liters clean water


Wash the lemons thoroughly and cut them into small pieces.

Peel the garlics and put the garlic, lemon and ginger in the blender. Blend everything.

Put the mixture in a huge, metal bowl.  Add the water and heat until reaching the boiling point.

Once the mixture starts boiling, turn off the heat and let everything cool. Strain the mixture and fill the pure liquid in glass bottles.

Drink 1 glass every day, 2 hours before having a meal. Shake the bottle before each drink.


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