Symptoms which suggest your kidneys might not be functioning properly


When your kidneys start to fail, this usually means decreased production of urine which leads to increased presence of toxins within the body.

This is a condition which is very dangerous but then again it’s curable.

Some of the more common reasons why your kidneys might fail are:
Insufficient blood flow in the kidneys

There are certain conditions or diseases which can lead to blockage of blood flow to them including a heart attack or other heart diseases.

Additionally problems with your liver, dehydration or allergic reaction can lead to this as well.

Some medication for reducing of swelling and hypertension can limit the blood flow.

Blockage of urinary tract

There are certain carcinoma like colon cancer, prostate cancer which can prevent urination.

Kidney stones and blood coagulation in the urinary tract can also cause problems while urinating.

Other reasons

Other reasons which can lead to kidney failure include drug use, alcohol use as well as heavy metals within the body which can cause poisoning.

In certain cases there are no clear signs that the kidneys are failing.

There are the signs which can be used as a warning:

Decreased production of urine

Ankle swelling, feet swelling because of fluid retention

Problems with breathing


Extreme fatigue


Pressure in the chest area


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