Remove Uric Acid From Your Body And Reduce Joint Pain With This Excellent Juice!


Uric acid crystallization can cause joint pains, gout, arthritis and even kidney failure.

It has the ability to trigger joint pains and make them so severe if not handled by a qualified doctor.

The pain can become chronic once it is not treated right and that gout is already in your system. Gout will then lead to joint inflammation and then, acute arthritis.

How to reduce uric acid

It’s important that you keep a healthy diet, adding plenty of water-rich foods and those that have a low purines content, such as cucumber.

This vegetable packs a mere 7.3 milligrams of purines per 100-gram serving, making it ideal for reducing uric acid levels and preventing gout.

Water also helps eliminate the uric acid crystals that accumulate in the joints, causing a lot of pain.

Drink plenty of water per day (more than two liters, even), and up your intake of water-rich foods.

 In addition to cucumber, zucchini, squash, and fruits are excellent choices.

There are several natural ways of removing the uric crystallization as well as some artificial methods.

The following are ways to remove uric acid crystallization from joints:

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber has so many health benefits.  Eating raw cucumber is the best way to remove uric crystallization from your system.

Although it can be eaten raw, you can also process as well as cook it.

You have the choice what is the best way you can have cucumbers into your body.

For best results, you can have cucumber juice mixed with lemon.

This may be a bit bitter but the benefit it will be bringing into your body is priceless.  Prepare the following to make raw cucumber juice:

young ginger root, 2 inches

1 cucumber, medium sized

1 cup of chopped pineapples

1 whole grapefruit



Clean all ingredients thoroughly

Mix all together and blend

Take this juice every day before meals and you will start noticing changes instantly.

Health Benefits

Ginger: It helps in reducing inflammation processes, and  your body’s elimination of toxins.

Cucumber: Since it’s a diuretic, cucumber has the ability to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

 It acts antagonistic to uric acid, thus preventing inflammation in cases of gout, arthritis, and asthma.

Cucumber is especially efficient in removing uric acid in crystalized form found in joints.

Grapefruit: It reduces joints pain thanks to the vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, present in this fruit.

Moreover, its presence of calcium is beneficial for people with osteoarthritis.

Pineapple: The juice from this fruit is especially beneficial for the joints health since it contains bromelain which gives pineapple anti-inflammatory properties.

Despite the fact that this fruit and the juice of it have been long used for the easing of joint pain, researchers have just begun to discover the cellular mechanisms of this natural ability.


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