Make A Golden Mixture – The Strongest Antibiotic And Anti-Cancer Remedy (guide for the preparation and method of use)


Make A Golden Mixture – The Strongest Antibiotic And Anti-Cancer Remedy (guide for the preparation and method of use)

The strongest antibiotics by Ayurveda is considered to be ‘The Golden Mixture’.

This natural remedy is one of the best anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer natural remedies. The main ingredients are turmeric and honey.

These two ingredients are beneficial on their own, but when combined they make an amazing remedy for many illnesses.

The golden mixture is very beneficial for fighting viruses and infections. Moreover, it is known to prevent cancer and boost the immunity.

This remedy, with amazing healing property, comes with no side effects. It is beneficial for the gut flora and improves digestion.

This remedy it quite simple and easy to make and its golden color comes with a vast of benefits.

Golden Mixture Recipe

1 tbsp turmeric

100 grams organic honey

2 tbsp natural ACV

1 tsp finely grated lemon rind

A pinch of black pepper


Mix the turmeric, ACV and black pepper in a bowl.

Then, add the lemon rind and the honey.

Stir well until you get a homogenous mixture.

Put the mixture in a glass bowl and keep it refrigerated.

Put the remedy in your mouth and wait for it to completely dissolve. Swallow and don’t drink anything in the next couple of minutes.

To strengthen the immune system, improve your overall health and prevent cancer:

You should take 1 tbsp of the mixture on a daily basis. For optimum results, consume the remedy in the morning.

For cold or other infection: Take 1 tsp of the mixture on every hour, during the first two days.

Take ½ tsp of the remedy on every two hours in the next two days.

After the fourth day, take ½ tsp three dimes daily. Repeat the procedure until the symptoms of cold or infection disappear.

Moreover, you can have this mixture for breakfast or add it to tea. However, make sure the tea is not too hot in order to avoid loss of its effects.

If you decide to use it as a breakfast, spread the mixture on a piece of bread and consume it in the morning.

Turmeric should be taken at different times depending on your health complaint:

Throat and lungs- consume turmeric before eating.

Digestive system- consume it with food.

Colon and kidneys- after eating.

In case you suffer from gallbladder problems, avoid taking turmeric.

 If you deal with low blood pressure or diabetes, consult the doctor before consuming this remedy.

 Moreover, it is not recommended for children who are under 1 year old.


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