6 Foods You Should Never Ever Eat with Diabetes


If your blood sugar level is high or low, you should pay special attention to your diet in these two situations, then you can live a healthy life.

That’s why I am going to tell you about 6 Foods You Should Never Ever Eat with Diabetes today. You can heal your health only when you know what you need to eat and what not?

That’s why you should focus on unhealthy diet rather than a healthy diet.

6 Foods You Should Never Ever Eat with Diabetes –
1. Cold drinks or soda –

All types of cold drinks, soda, or coke are available in the market, all of them contain a lot of sugar. In one glass of this, there is so much glucose, which will cause your blood sugar to rise very quickly.

Its addiction is very dangerous if the healthy guy also drinks it every day, then in the coming months, it also becomes diabetes mellitus.

That’s why you can understand how dangerous it might be for you.

Extra tips –

In countries like America, England, the number of people with obesity is high and there the company sells zero calories and sugar-free coke.

But let me tell you that sugar is not used directly in all of these. But in such products, its substitute is used, which is enough to increase your sugar level.

I am not saying this but rather, it is being said in a lot of research, that is why you should avoid cold drinks etc forever.

2. Coffee –

Its popularity and taste are so strong that people can not refuse to accept it but it is not considered as great for your health, because the first thing is that the amount of caffeine is found in it and secondly it does not measure the amount of sugar in it.

If you are fond of coffee, then drink it without sugar.

I would recommend that you drink coffee or tea without sugar

But if you’ve got a habit then you try to replace it.

Extra tips –

You can use green tea, herbal tea or cardamom tea in the place of coffee, which does not allow your insulin to spike and helps in controlling blood sugar.

3. Sugar or Jaggery –

This is the enemy of your health, so you should never use it. Since the sugar sold in the market is refined, which is simple sugar, which you should not eat at all.

4. White rice –

Yes! It is also not considered good for your health because it is an example of simple carbohydrate (carbs).

Carbs are a form of sugar that mixes in your bloodstream as glucose. Which makes your blood sugar spikes, and you know that this is not right for you.

Extra tips –

That’s why I would recommend that you use brown rice instead of white rice. In which high fiber and complex carbs are found, which helps you keep the stomach full for a long time and helps control your insulin.

5. Dry fruits –

People say that if you eat whole fruits, you will not have any problem, but that is true to some extent.

Therefore, before using any fruit, you should know about its fructose level (a type of sugar), then use it only to know the amount of fructose in it.

That is, you have to eat low fructose fruits, not high fructose fruits.

And dry fruits are also part of the fruit.

Extra tips –

You can eat any fruit, but in moderation, That’s why I would recommend that you have a diet chart or diet plan from a good nutritionist. There should be all those things (fruits, vegetables, oils, snacks, breakfast, etc) that are beneficial for your body.

According to research, you can use berries but stay away from raisins and watermelon, etc.

6. White bread –

It is used in almost every home, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But let me tell you that this is not right for you.

Because it comes under-processed foods, in which a lot of carbs are found.

And I have already told you that Carbs means sugar, so you can understand that this is not right for you.

Extra tips –

You can use whole grain bread, brown bread, sprouted bread, multi-grain bread, etc. at the place of white bread.

If you have to choose the best of all of these then you choose the whole grain bread.

Now you have learned about 6 Foods You Should Never Ever with Diabetes, then follow it, unless you apply it, you will not get any benefit from reading it.


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