Shiny and healthy hair not only looks beautiful but it also adds a charm to your overall beauty.

In these stressful and polluted lifestyles, hair fall and rough hair is a common issue.

Other factors that affect the health of your hair is lack of hair care, use of excessive chemical treatments and products, genes, product build-up etc.

Aloe vera- Aloe vera gel provides extra moisture and nourishment to your hair that keeps it soft and smooth. I

t also forms a reflective coating on the hair that reflects light adding sheen to it.

Regularly using aloe vera gel on hair reduces hair fall, makes hair silky smooth and healthy.

Lavender essential oil- Lavender essential oil is antimicrobial in natural that keeps any hair issues at bay.

It also adds a boost of moisture to your hair and also makes your hair smell good.

Things you need-

1 cup fresh aloe vera gel

10 drops of lavender essential oil

Some water to adjust consistency (if required)


In a bowl, add 1 cup of fresh aloe vera gel. Make sure there are no lumps.

To it, add lavender essential oil and mix well.You can also blend it to achieve a smooth and lump-free final product.

Apply this on damp hair using fingers and comb through. Do not use more than a dollop for waist length hair. 

Note: If you want the product to last at least for a month, use commercial organic aloe vera gel and always store it in cooler place or in the fridge.


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