Turmeric holds a very major place in ayurveda and is used majorly in many ayurveda inspired commercial products.

Turmeric is great for health, skin and hair and today we will see turmeric skin benefits along with a homemade turmeric cream recipe!


Turmeric has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.It helps lighten scars, dark spots, pigmentation, tan and improves overall complexion.

It lightens and brightens the skin and has antiseptic properties to fight acne causing bacteria.

Aloe vera has amazing skin soothing and hydrating properties. It provides a protective layer which helps retain moisture to the skin.

Aloe vera has healing properties, it helps to soothe the skin damaged from UV rays and heat while providing intensive moisture to the skin. Helps to plump and tighten the skin.

The cream is gel-based and suitable for all skin types and perfect for even hot and humid weathers.

You will need –

aloe vera gel – how to make aloe gel

organic turmeric powder or turmeric oil – how to make turmeric oil
essential oil

Directions- In a bowl, add aloe gel and add in organic turmeric powder.

Mix it well and add few drops of any essential oil that is suitable for your skin type. Mix until well emulsified.

Transfer to an easy-to-use jar and use it as any other face, body or under eye cream.

Caution – patch test before use.


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