Repair Kidneys Naturally And With 1 Ingredient


Our endocrine system is the reason why the food that we eat get properly digested with the help of hormones or enzyme.

You will be amazed to know that sodium bicarbonate is produced in the kidney which helps the pancreas to dissolve the food in a right way.

The sodium is generally made by the pancreas which protects the kidneys from damage.

If your diet includes a lot of fatty foods, too much sugar, and fried goods, it actually tortures the kidneys and pancreas.

Metabolic acidosis is a state in which people face kidney diseases due to a lower level of bicarbonate in the body.

Our body fails to neutralize the acid due to lack of sodium bicarbonate which is harmful to the kidneys and other organs as well.

A study was conducted in 2009 by British researchers from Royal Hospital London which discovered that bicarbonate can prevent kidney problems.

 A simple ingredient such as baking soda can be used in an effective way to prevent kidney diseases.

As per, nephrology professor,  Magdi Yaqoob, academic director of the Renal Medicine and Transplantation department from Bartshealth NHS Trust, the UK it is possible to keep the kidney protected using baking soda.

Repair The Kidneys Easily Now

You can just keep a pinch of baking soda under your tongue and allow it to dissolve.

The drink of a ½ tsp of baking soda, a ½ tsp salt along with water is also a good way to repair your kidneys.

You can have this drink continuously for 3 days. Later you can reduce the dose of baking soda to ¼ tsp and salt should be used 1/3 tsp only.

People with a sensitive stomach may face some initial nausea symptoms due to a daily dose of baking soda.

You can ignore these initial issues and carry on with this remedy to protect your kidney and endocrine system.

Along with this remedy, it is important to get rid of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The food habits should be healthy, make a right choice about what you are consuming. Say no to junk food and food with too much sugar in it.

You should avoid intake of dehydrating ingredients such as coffee, tea, sodas, and alcohol.

Don’t eat too much protein as kidneys have to work hard to digest protein.

Add fibers, fruits, grains, and vegetables to your daily diet. Intake of vitamin B complex is also supportive for the functioning of kidneys.

Make sure that you keep your kidneys healthy as the organ is very important to eliminate the toxins from the body.


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