Top 7 Healthy Carbs for Diabetics


Today you are going to read about healthy carbs for diabetics in which I will tell you just about the carbohydrates which are right for your health.

So you read it carefully because you are diabetic patients.

Before moving forward, you know what is carbs and how many types of it are, which carbs are harmful to you and which are beneficial?

Then you will get 100% of its benefits.

What is Carbs (Carbohydrates)?
In simple words, Carbs works as a fuel for our body, which is the primary source of energy. So that we can do any work easily.

Types of Carbohydrates :
Simple carbs

It is found in similar foods which spike our blood glucose levels very quickly and immediately digest in the body. Which provides energy for our body for a short term and is not considered good for human body.

Complex carbs

This is the opposite of simple carbs. Any food that comes in complex carbs, their digestion is slow enough, so that our blood sugar levels do not spike quickly.

Because of this, it provides energy for a longer time than simple carbs.

So I hope you have now understood which carbs are better for you.

That’s why I will tell you about complex carbs today, which will not only help you control your high blood sugar, but it will be very beneficial for your overall health.

1. Oatmeal

This is best for you, as it is also found in fiber with complex carbs that do not allow your insulin to spike.

When to eat it:

The best time to eat it is breakfast because oatmeal diet does not make you feel hungry.

Extra tips:

In oatmeal, you can make the recipe by putting half the apples, milk and cinnamon powder.

2. Cereals

This is also perfect for you if you have taken the right product, because there are many types of cereals in the market, which is not right for your health, like regular cornflakes. Because its nutritional value is not good.

Because of which your blood sugar level may also be high.

At this place, you take Whole grain cereals, which also contains fiber, protein and essential elements in high quantity.

If you are a regular reader of Fitnesswood, then I have told you that before taking any products, read the ingredients written in front of them so that you can avoid losses.

Only then will you be able to use those products correctly.

Diabetic should especially focus on small things like these.

Do not take the product that sugar and sodium are high.

3. Whole Grain or Wheat Bread

The best-selling bread is white bread, which is not right for your health because it is found in simple carbs.

Thereby you may have difficulty managing diabetes because it is not good carbs.

I would recommend that you never eat white bread.

White bread is quite harmful to you because no healthy ingredients are found in it. Such as vitamins, fiber, minerals, and proteins etc.

Extra Tips:

By replacing it you can take multigrain bread, brown bread and more.

It is given great importance in the fitness world because it is like a boon for diabetes patients.

Because its excess consumption does not harm you, but you do not take it much.

Sweet potato is the best healthy carbs for diabetics or prediabetes.

Extra tips on healthy carbs for diabetics.

Most people use white potato, which you should not do because it is simple carbs, which damage your insulin.

5. Whole grain pasta

Whole grain pasta is used extensively in America since people have started enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

If you have type 2 diabetes and you want to live a healthy life then avoid white pasta and follow whole grain pasta.

Due to high fiber in it, you get a lot of help in controlling your diabetes.

6. Brown rice

At present, 85% of the world’s people use white rice, which is one of the biggest causes of illness.

Because it is a food that people use in their daily diets, which keeps your insulin spike, causing your insulin to get worse. And the chances of having type 2 diabetes and prediabetesincreases significantly.

That’s why you should use brown rice and not white rice.

You can eat one cup in the day.

Extra tips:

If you prefer white rice much more then you can eat twice a month, even after exercising.

7. Beans

All the species of beans like kidney beans, black beans, gram, moong bean etc. are all good for you, because it does not allow your blood to spike and does not allow hunger to occur early, which always happens with diabetic.

Whatever I have told you is low carbs foods for diabetics, that is why it is safe for you.

Yams (resembles sweet potato),
Whole wheat noodles,
Chia seeds,
Cinnamon powder or sticks (best) etc.


If you take 2000 calories of the day, then every one of your meals should have 45 grams of carbs i.e. 250 grams in the whole day.


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