Moringa: Superfood Which Destroys Cancer Cells And Treats Diabetes


Moringa is a fast growing tree found for the first time in the area of South Asia.

For centuries it has been an extremely useful part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine and is considered to be a preventive measure for about 300 diseases.

This amazing tree, as it is often called, has small oval leaves that are the real treasure of the most nutritious ingredients such as: proteins, calcium, beta carotene, vitamin C, potassium …

100 grams of powder of moraine contains:

9 times more protein than yogurt

10 times more carrot vitamins A

15 times more potato than banana

17 times more calcium than milk

12 times more vitamin C than orange

25 times more iron than spinach


Moringa is most likely nutritious plant on earth and its features are countless: from health through cosmetic to aromatherapy.

It contains more than 90 nutritional ingredients and 45 antioxidants.

The most important reasons why you should start consuming are certainly:

A wealth of antioxidants

Reduces blood sugar levels

It works anti-inflammatory

It maintains a healthy level of cholesterol in the body

It acts as anti-poison to arsenic

Given its antioxidant properties and the fight against free radicals, moringa has the power to stop the formation of cancer cells.

 It also contains vitamin C and betakaroten, as well as quercetin.

 Each of these components protects the body from forming and influencing free radicals.

If a person has diabetes, the consumption of Moringa can help them.

Namely, clinical trials have shown that in diabetics who used 3 consecutive months per 7 grams of moringa daily, blood sugar decreased by 14 percent.

Due to Vitamin A that contains, moringa slows down aging.

Also, its power to destroy free radicals increases immunity, which affects aging retention.

Consuming this plant increases the bone density. Calcium and magnesium prevent bone loss.

 It is also recommended for children and people in development because it increases stamina and is not allergen, as opposed to milk.


Of course, like most groceries it would be best to consume fresh. Use fresh lemon slices of salad.

 Namely, due to very similar taste to radish, moringa can be a great substitute.

Also, you can prepare it in the way you make the spinach, put it in the smoothie … Release your imagination at will!

The second option, of course, consumption of Moringa powder.

You can add it to a soup or any other dish using it to get additional nutritional properties.


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