Face Map for Health Problems: What Part of Your Body is Sick and the Best Natural Treatment!


Face Map for Diseases? Sounds to good to be true, right? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is true!

This facial map will reveal what part of your body is sick and how to cure it (in all natural way).

The Chinese facial map method has been used for centuries.

Many experts around the world claim that this method is very effective.

Why? Well, because the facial skin is too sensitive and it’s the first organ to react to internal problems and diseases.

As we mentioned before, the facial skin is “connected” with the internal organs.

 This means that every change or problem in your organism is revealed on your facial skin.

Pimples, rashes and color changes are one of the most common “signs”.

Forehead (bladder and small intestine problems)

Excessive consumption of fat and canned food, alcohol sugar, night life and too much stress are the most common reasons for this health problem.

The Best Natural Treatment:drink water, eat your food raw, don’t drink alcohol and sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Between eyebrows (liver problems)

Too much red meat! Your stomach will work overtime to “process” it and it will cause even bigger problems.

The Best Natural Treatment:eat fresh and healthy food, walk 5 km every day and meditate.

Eyebrow arch (kidney problems)

Cigarettes, too much alcohol and weak heart muscle are the most common risk factors.

The Best Natural Treatment: make sure you drink water, stop drinking coffee and alcohol.

Nose area (heart problems)

The Best Natural Treatment: drink organic green tea every day and hit the gym (4 times a week).

Upper cheek area (lungs problems)

Smoking, pollution and asthma are the most common causes.

The Best Natural Treatment: do yourselves a favor and avoid spending time in polluted areas and rooms that are filled with cigarette smoke.

Cheeks (lungs and kidney problems)

Smoking, stress and too much sugars are the most common risk factors.

The Best Natural Treatment: just eliminate unhealthy food from your diet and always use high quality skin-care products.

Mouth and chin (stomach problems)

Sugar, caffeine and alcohol are the most common causes.

The Best Natural Treatment: ear fresh fruits.

Jaw and neck (hormonal changes)

Processed food, seasoned food, caffeine and dehydration are the most common causes.

The Best Natural Treatment:it’s very simple. You just have to avoid salt, seasonings and caffeine.


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