Chinese Therapy: How To Cure Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) in 5 minutes


Have you suffered Plantar Fasciitis for long time? Plantar Fasciitis is a disorder that results in heel pain.

There are a couple of reasons that make you have such disorder like wearing wrong type of shoes, standing or walking too long or do too much exercise.

Before trying to get rid of Plantar Fasciitis you need to find what causes the problem.

Today, you will learn how to cure Plantar Fasciitis in five minutes.

First, we have to find the spots we are focusing on – these spots are around the talus (red line in the image below).

Second, we need to use the index finger knuckle to massage the spots.

Each point is about 5 to 10 seconds but do extra massage on the most painful point. Do this everyday and the pain will be gone.


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