3 Finest Important Oils To Tighten Pores And Skin


Sagging skin and opened pores is always ruined your look and make you feel low about yourself.

In addition, this condition makes you look much older than your real age.

However, losing weight and aging is one of the reasons for sagging skin and loosed pores.

However we cannot avoid aging nor we can avoid all chemicals that are causing open pores but in fact, we must take some remedies to reduce the symptoms.

Nowadays we have a lot of skin products claiming to have the solution of sagging skin and open pores but all products anyhow have some adverse effects.

However, some of the products are just not suitable for a few skin types.

In spite of all these factors, they are super expensive and just drain out all the money from your pockets for no reason.

But we being anxious about having flawless skin and tight skin we just opt for all these products and waste our time as well as money.

After all the above-mentioned problems one thing that is a blessing for us is naturally extracted oils.

Whatever might be the problem but nature has created the cure to it and therefore natural oils are used anciently to treat many issues.

Here I am going to share some of the important oils that help in recovering open pores and taking care of sagging skin.

1. Frankincense Oil:

Frankincense oil is very useful in treating sagging skin and closing open pores by the cleansing method.

Basically, the main reason for open pores is the dirt particles that are tackled in the pores.

This oil is also good for reducing age spots and fades the sunspots. Usually sagging skin and opened pores cause wrinkles on the face and neck area.

Frankincense oil massage is good for growing healthy skin cell and also improves skin protection from the environmental effects.

However, it also posses healing effect and thus helps in reduction of pores.

How to use:

Add frankincense oil in any other carrier oil like coconut or olive oil.

Massage this oil mixture with fingers in circular motion and leave it overnight.

Make sure to take a skin patch test before applying on the sensitive skin.

2.Neroli oil

Neroli oil contains a chemical known as citral which helps in regenerating skin cells and closed opened pores.

 In addition, it helps improve the elasticity of the skin muscles and thus reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighten the sagging skin.

How to use:

Take 3-4 drops of oil in a palm and rub your hand to heat the oil.

Once you feel the heat, start massaging on the sagging skin area in opposite direction.

Leave the oil overnight to get the best result.

Anyhow skin patch test is recommended before using persistently.

3.Lavender oil:

One of the most used oil in home remedies and allopathic therapies is lavender oil.

Besides its soothing effect and fragrance, it also helps in releasing the tension in the muscles and skin and thus help in reducing the opened pores.

In fact, it’s a repairing mechanism of skin to massage with lavender oil.

Basically, it contains antioxidant that helps in reducing the inflammation and thus reduces the swollen muscles and relaxes the sagging skin.

In addition, it helped in cleansing the microbes that may cause infections and cause clogged pores.

How to apply:

Combining lavender oil with frankincense oil or any other oil of your choice.

Apply on the required area and then massage slightly.

Leave it overnight and then wash in the morning with normal water.


All three oil massages are helpful in tighten skin and closing opened pores.

However, the skin patch test is recommended before using on larger skin area.


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