10 Simple And Natural Ways To Reverse Cavities And Heal Tooth Decay


There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a numbing toothache. The anxious visit to the dentist, the bill and all the terrible suffering can be enough to put ones nerves through the roof.

But did you know there are some really great natural ways to heal a cavity. Some of these can have you feeling better in no time at all.

Before spending all that money on your next dental visit try some of these suggestions and feel better in no time at all.

Eat more Foods that Contain Vitamin K 2

Vitamin K is responsible for developing facial bones and supporting your teeth. Many people have diets that don’t include sufficient amounts of Vitamin K.

 Try eating more foods that include Vitamin K such as skate liver oil, bone marrow, high vitamin butter oil. If you can’t get this than organic butter will suffice.

Incorporate More Vitamin A and D or Cod Liver Oil in your diet

There has been some studies conducted documenting that the primary reasons cavities occur is a lack of fatty diets in most diets today.

This can easily be repaired by incorporating foods rich with Vitamin A and D as well as Cod Liver oil.

Some examples of vitamin A foods you can eat are large amounts of chicken liver, goat cheese, or even drinking whole milk. For Vitamin D try eating large amounts of eggs, sockeye salmon, and whole milk.

Cut down on Carbohydrates and Sugar

While we all have heard this a zillion times before it has been proven that those who have a high diet in carbohydrates and sugar have more cavities than those who don’t.

Try curtailing some of those sugar and carbohydrate binges and your teeth will thank you too.

Eat more Calcium Rich Foods

This has been explained so many times before but it is so true folks. Having a diet high in calcium rich foods such as yogurt, milk and cheese strengthens your teeth which can significantly reduce your chances of cavities.

When consuming yogurt remember to keep an eye on the sugars as a lot of yogurts have fruits and other things added to them which can increase your sugar intake.

Drink More Water

Nothing like some good old H2O to heal those bothersome cavities. Water helps to loosen food debris in your mouth and neutralizing the acid that is present.

Remember to drink at least six to eight 8 oz. glasses of water each day. Your body will thank you too.

Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day

Regular brushing of your teeth along with flossing will decrease the amount of food debris in your mouth.

By doing this you are significantly reducing the debris from turning into bacteria a source for cavities. It is suggested you brush twice a day and even more so if you can.

Increasing your Intake of Fluoride

Increasing your intake of fluoride can significantly decrease and even help teeth that are in the early stages of cavities. Most cities have fluoride in their water supply.

 However it is suggested you contact your city water department to confirm this information.

Also many toothpastes include fluoride and you may even want to ask your dentist if they can prescribe a fluoride gel that you can use on your teeth.

Not only does fluoride help to prevent and heal cavities it also plays a huge role in making your teeth more resistant in getting them in the future by interfering with the acid production that occurs in teeth.

Organic Cooked Vegetable Soup

Try making soups with organic vegetables and give your teeth and gums the natural healing they truly deserve. Ideally it is recommended to incorporate these soups with bone broth as they work best for cavities.

Incorporate a Magnesium Supplement into your diet

Magnesium supplements help immensely with teeth health as they ensure that calcium and phosphorous are used effectively.

Gelatin Supplements

If you are unable to make the organic soup these are a great alternatives and have many significant benefits including helping with your digestion and gums.


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