Must Read: Warning Signs of a Stroke


Take 1 minute of your time to read this article because it can help you save someone’s life.

There’s a new indicator for a stroke. One woman stumbled and took a fall during a BBQ, she was ok, she just tripped over.

People helped her stand up, cleaned her up and the BBQ festivities went on.

The woman appeared to be a bit shaken up, but everything else was great.

That same evening, the woman’s husband called everyone to tell them his wife suffered a stroke during the BBQ. Unfortunately, the doctors couldn’t save the woman.

If people knew to identify the signs of the stroke that day, the woman would have probably survived.

Neurologists explain that if a person can get to the stroke victim within 3 hours, he can reverse the effects of it. The key thing is to get the stroke recognized, diagnosed and treated within 3 hours.

Identifying a stroke
Sometimes the symptoms are hard to identify. Sometimes the person can suffer severe brain damage when people fail to recognize the symptoms.

Recognize a stroke by asking these 3 simple questions:

Ask the person to SMILE.

Ask the person to TALK or SPEAK small sentences.

Ask the person to raise both arms.

If the person is experiencing troubles while doing these things, call emergency.

Another way to recognize store is to ask the person to stick out their tongue. If the tongue is crooked and goes to one side or another, it’s also an indication of a stroke.


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