How To Get Rid Of Neck Fat And Double Chin Fast- Exercises And Home Remedies Tips


Isn’t it funny how our face has a way of categorizing us into forms of beauty? While many consider the skinny face as their symbol of perfect beauty, others see the fat and double chin ones with a negative impression.

This, in turn, pushes the ones in this category to take alternative ways to get rid of neck fat and double chin fast it including various forms of treatment and even surgery in extreme case.

Double chin is often caused by loss of collagen, a type of protein found in our body that holds the whole body together. When the skin loses this protein, its elasticity tends to decrease causing the skin and neck to sag which usually starts to happen when you’re in your late 20s.

Luckily, there are natural ways to get rid of neck fat and double chin. All you need is to apply some simple exercise routine to it. Here are eight simple and effective exercises which will show you just how easy it is to get rid of neck fat and double chin fast.

How To Get Rid Of Neck Fat And Double Chin Fast Fast

Here is a lesson from Elizabeth Gilfillan’s book, Face Exercises, which tells us how a smile can help melt the fat under your chin. In her book, she recommended these steps.

How To:

Lie on your back without a pillow with knees bent up and feet resting on the bed.
Open your mouth widely and then close it slowly while resisting the closing.

Try to have a big, wide smile but don’t clench your teeth.
While holding the smile, lift your head slightly and then put it down.
Do this lifting 7 times.’

2. Stick Your Tongue Out
Sticking your tongue for a number of times out is an easy exercise. However, unlike we all did at childhood when asked to, this will be carefully carried out to get rid of your double chin. follow these steps.

How To:

Go on and open your mouth wide.
Stick your tongue out as far as you can.
Hold it for few seconds and then slowly return it to your mouth.
Do this at least 10 times.
This exercise tones and stretches the muscles of your neck and jaw, it, therefore, helps to get rid of neck fat and double chin. It helps in releasing tension from shoulders and relieves.

How To:

Stand straight with an erect spine.
Take a deep breath and turn your head on one side until your chin touches your shoulder.
Slowly, roll your head downwards till your chin touches your chest.
Repeat the same with the other side.

Keep your spine and shoulders straight.
This exercise is gently done around the neck. Though similar to the previous one, the difference is that this focuses on the chin itself, and it takes your relaxed self to do this.

How To:

Stand or sit keeping your spine straight.
Tilt your head slightly back and look towards the ceiling.
Pucker your lips tightly as if you are trying to kiss the ceiling.
Hold this position for 5 seconds is.
Repeat at least 10 times.
Chin slap is a friendly technique used in exercising your chin in order to get rid of neck fat and double chin. This is probably the easiest of them all and the gentlest. Feels good when stroked gently.

How To:

Face forward and gently slap your lower jaw with the back of your hand.
Don’t be too hard.
Do this constantly for about 30—40 seconds.
Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Neck Fat and Double Chin

Below are the Best home remedies to get rid of neck fat and double chin fast naturally at home.

6. Drink Sufficient Water
Fat deposits are great for making water reserves in the case of not drinking enough water, so remediating this issue will definitely lead to reducing neck fat. Drinking 8 glasses of water, at least, per day will improve the situation. Also, drinking sufficient water will help you to lose weight, curbing your appetite and cravings.

7. Change Your Diet And Eating Habits
Unhealthy foods and a disorganized diet lead to neck fat accumulations. To get rid of neck fat and double chin deposit, take the following steps.

How To:

Alter your diet and adopt healthier eating habits.
Avoid processed foods such as junk food, fast food, and sugary foods, fried foods.
Stay away from other foods that contain unhealthy fats.

Let your diet consist of quality proteins coming from lean meat, vegetables, fruits, whole cereals, and some dairy products.

Reduce your portions. It is better to eat often but in smaller quantities. So make sure you have three regular meals per day.
Drink plenty of water.

8. Night Sleep
It is very important to allow your body to rest properly. Many people don’t realize that losing sleep actually makes them gain weight and fat, although they only have one meal per day, out of the desire to lose some weight. Sleeping sufficiently is a big part of it.

For a healthy body and efficient weight loss, you will have to sleep approximately 8 hours every night. A well-rested body will enjoy improved processes and will get rid of fat faster.

Home Remedies for Double Chin and Face Fat
Below are 3 Best home remedies to get rid of double chin and face fat fast naturally at home.

1. Make Chewing Gum one of your Favorite Activities
You probably would not consider this as an appropriate panacea to chin fat. However, one of the potent remedies to double chin is chewing gum!

Not only will chewing gum give you a fresh breath, but will also help you lose chin fat fast by exercising and tightening the muscles located in your jaw and chin.

Nevertheless, if you want to do this often, you should always pick sugar-free gums, to keep your teeth safe and your body weight under control.

The ones made with natural sweeteners are the best out there, keeping you away from unwanted synthetic sweetening substances.

2. Drink Plenty of Water
Another secret when it comes to learning how to get rid of double chin is to stay well hydrated throughout the entire day. Besides helping a lot with losing weight, drinking plenty water will also keep your muscles and skin in a great shape.

Moreover, healthy water consumption will prevent water retention in your organism, which is responsible for making your face bloated, including making that double chin pop out. It is also worth knowing that drinking water will reduce the appearance of food cravings, which may endanger your diet, and will wash toxins from your body.

3. Use Cocoa Butter for Hydration
The reason skin starts sagging as we advance in age is due to the fact that it loses its elasticity and hydration. To ensure the skin under your chin is hydrated and properly nourished, you can use cocoa butter, as a natural double chin removal cream. It is safe and natural and it is easy to use.


Put a few tablespoons of cocoa butter in the microwave to heat them up, so it will spread easier.
Use the warm butter to gently massage the skin under your chin for a few minutes.
You will have to do this twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed, until the condition improves.

Double Chin Surgery
You may not like to opt for double chin surgical treatment because recent research has shown that all double chin surgeries are linked with the known risks of infection, bleeding, bruising, anesthesia, and scarring, along with the likelihood of poor outcome and the expected discomfort and recovery time for the victim. In stead, you may want to try this LIGE Neck Wrinkle Remove Double Chin Reducer Skin Care Vibration


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