Body Detox Cleanse: Experiencing The Benefits Of A Full Toxin Purge


The human body is amazing at being able to absorb absolutely everything out of food, liquid, or even its surrounding environment.

In some ways this is very beneficial like getting Vitamin D from the sun, purging stress with some simple barefoot walking, and getting energy and healing nutrition from healthy foods.

Unfortunately, this can also work against a person as they absorb chemicals, toxins, and harmful free radicals, as well.

This is why practicing an occasional body detox cleanse is so important.

What Is A Full Detox Cleanse?

A cleanse isn’t a full on diet, but it is a series of concerted actions that work together with the specific aim of cleansing the body of built up toxins, free radicals, chemicals, sugars, and other negative substances that are stuck in the body.

 Usually lasting about a week (5-day, 7-day, and 10-day cleanses are very common), a cleanse combines fasting, a very specific diet, and sometimes exercise or another treatment (like a sweat lodge) to clear out the body and help it recover, reset, and get back to a much healthier state.

There is no one single method to going through a cleansing detox.

There are many different plans that fall under this category and while most have several actions in common,

it’s up to the individual to find the right plan for them and stick with it through the time of cleansing.

Which Body Detox Cleanse Is Best?

This is a loaded question, even if it is a pretty fair one to ask.

The answer to this is going to depend on a variety of factors including (but not limited to):

if you’re diabetic/hypoglycemic, how well you can function on low calories, if you have cleansed or fasted before, your weight, overall health, and more.

Individuals who have never done a full detox before should consider one of the shorter term detox plans out there like a 3-day, and after seeing how they feel afterwards, consider a longer one the next time.

Liquid Cleanses Vs. Solid Food Cleanses

There are all liquid diets with cleanses and then there are ones involving solid food.

Certain foods are always banned during a cleanse such as, sugars, processed foods, high fat, meat, non-organic produce, among a few.

For the body detox plans that do allow food the food will be organic vegetables and organic pesticide free fruit.

 Even then, these will be there to supplement natural juice and water that an individual will be drinking frequently.

 If you have problems with blood sugar levels, definitely start with a short term fast that allows vegetables and fruit for food.

Then there is the all liquid cleanse, and there are many variations or specific types of cleanses that fall under this general umbrella description.

A pure fast goes with nothing but water, but this isn’t necessarily the best way to go.

 Lots of juice is the key but not the stuff you find in most supermarkets.

This needs to be juice from a juicer from juiced organic fruits and veggies.

This gives loads of vitamins and nutrients while giving the digestive system a rest and helping purge the body of toxins.

Getting Started

The best way for anyone to get started is to choose the cleanse that looks doable, and that you believes you are most likely to stick with and finish.

Even a moderate three day cleanse that gets followed is much better than an ambitious 10 day one that is abandoned.

Start slow, try out a few different ones over time and after a couple detoxes, you will know which one makes you feel the absolute best!


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