Lemons To The Rescue For High Blood Pressure


Lemons to the rescue for high blood pressure?  YES!  YES! And DOUBLE YES!!!  I’ve had so many public and private messages today – just so many interested in the blood clot post – I just wanted to share our personal Lemon story while I’m thinking about it.

Our Son’s Mysterious Physical Dilemma

Last year when our oldest son started having health issues – his blood pressure just went through the roof.

He had always been a health nut so to speak – a jogger and ate fairly healthy – and he was just floored when health issues started happening and so was I.

But while we were trying to figure out what the problem ‘was’ – his BP just spiked like crazy and would NOT go down. It’s looking now – like the extended brain fog problem could have been the effects of poorly administered Versed – which they give to block your memory from your surgery – and we’re looking into that now.

But at the time – we had no clue – and brain fog was not an acceptable condition to our own family Einstein. And his blood pressure was just totally out of control.

The doctor would try one drug – add another and another and pretty soon – he was on EIGHT blood pressure pills a day.

I was so hysterical about THAT – that I went out and talked to my own doctor – who was very concerned also.

SO I jumped into research mode and studied and studied and knowing our son like the back of my hand and what many of these remedies will and will not do – no matter what I find in print – I decided to try him on lemon water.

Lemons to The Rescue When High Blood Pressure Hits

He started out with 1 quart of water  with the juice of 1 lemon in each quart  3 times a day and talked his own doctor into monitoring his blood pressure weekly  while he did it daily at home.

 His doctor was livid he was drinking so much acidic lemon water … lol (Now remember SHE was pumping him full of POISON  but was upset because “I” was giving him LEMONS)

But she agreed to monitor him  telling him he was wasting his time and money on lemons.

His blood pressure soon started to come down  and his doctor had to start decreasing his BP meds.

The doctor said his body was just reacting to his physical crisis and this was a fluke – and he would always have to take BP meds to some degree.

He kept downing the lemon water 3 times a day and his BP kept coming down, down, down and she kept having to decrease his meds even more.

To make a long story short. He went  in just about 7 months or so from 8 blood pressure pills a day to now  NO blood pressure pills at all. And he monitors his BP regularly to be sure it’s staying in normal range. It’s now running about 120/70.

His doctor says she doesn’t know what happened  but it couldn’t have had anything to do with lemons because lemons are just food.

The Lemon Remedy – Don’t Try It At Home Alone

Now I’m SURE not suggesting anyone try this without their doctors assistance in monitoring their BP on a weekly basis. But this is what we did – and this was the result.

Lemons alkalize the body – even though they’re thought to be acidic – they still alkalize. And a more alkaline body is what we want. Disease can’t develop or thrive when a body has a sufficiently balanced PH.

Lemons are also good for the immune system. They’re good to flush toxins from the liver and kidneys and help with digestion.

 Lemons will stimulate your gastrointestinal tract and improve your body’s ability to absorb nutrients all day long  the days you drink it.

 Just that alone should sell us all on a glass or two of lemon water a day.

A friend called a couple days ago. She had contacted me for some advice because she was feeling sluggish, draggy just not herself.

 And I told her about the lemon water with Celtic Sea Salt and what miraculous changes a person will feel in just 3 days  so she had gathered the stuff to get started

She called early one morning a few days ago – to see if she could put sugar in her lemon water

We both had a big laugh about it. I told her if she was going to add sugar  just forget the lemon water  because the bad from the sugar would out way the good from the lemons

She decided to be tough and just drink it on down – tartness and all.

I actually love lemon water and have it 2 or 3 times a day. And I put about 2 pinches of Celtic Sea Salt in it and only about 4 oz of water to the juice of one whole fresh lemon.

It’s absolutely delicious to me – and perks me right up.

That lemon water and Celtic Sea Salt  in just 3 days  will jump start your adrenals  and make you feel like a new person. 

I also often use Himalayan Sea Salt – both can just work miracles … and no this type of salt will not raise your BP using it as directed here.


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