Coconut oil belongs to the top powerful and versatile natural ingredients and is used for countless purposes.

When it comes to the oral issues, this oil is used as a base for a toothpaste, as it has the ability to whiten your teeth and improve overall oral health.

However, many analyses confirm that commercial toothpaste is full of dangerous chemicals and that they may cause various adverse effects.

They are usually made by using questionable ingredients, including:

Fluoride – which is the most controversial toothpaste ingredient, as many people personally have to avoid it for various purposes.

Triclosan – a chemical used in antibacterial products. Researchers found that it affects proper heart function and the FDA is currently re-evaluating it for safety in human use.

Glycerin – is found in many kinds of toothpaste, even in natural toothpaste. As it is sweet, some research found that it can coat teeth and prevent them from benefitting from the minerals in saliva.

It causes yellow teeth, but the researchers are still mixed on whether glycerin is harmful or not.

Surfactants – for instance, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) gives toothpaste its foam and lather, but some research shows that it can cause mouth ulcers and canker sores.

This is a reason why the people who take care of their teeth, use natural – homemade toothpaste, which is safe and healthy way to support oral health. 

They are able to be so effective because they don’t contain any foaming agents.

In this article, you’ll become familiar with one of the best natural kinds of toothpaste, made with the coconut oil that will not cause canker sores, and its anti-bacterial properties will remove bacteria from the oral cavity.

Here are its benefits that this toothpaste provides:

Whitens teeth;

Soothes inflammation;

Prevents cavities;

Strengthens gums and jaw;

Boosts immune system;

Heals cracked lips;

Eliminates bad breath;

Cures tooth decay;

Heals bleeding gums;

Soothes throat dryness;

This coconut oil toothpaste is inexpensive and easily prepared. Here are instructions how to prepare it:

Needed Ingredients:

–  2-3 tablespoons of baking soda

–   About ½ cup coconut oil

–  2 small packets of stevia (optional)

–   15-20 drops of essential oils (optional)


1)  Add the coconut oil in a jar,

2)  Add  all other ingredients

3)  Stir with a fork while they are combined well in a paste.

4)  Then, dip the toothbrush in, and with a small amount, start brushing your teeth.

You will be surprised with the results really soon!


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