Effective Massage That Will Help You Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cold days should not mean that you will neglect your appearance and body care.

The most common problem for girls is cellulite and the fight with it, but to remove it, you often do not need expensive anti-cellulite massages in the salons.

There are effective massages that you can do yourself at home and it is worth it to try – it is better anyway, than not doing anything.


For this massage you need:

Brush with natural fibers

Peeling with large granules

Body oil

Silicone cup

With this massage you should be careful and should not cause bruises on the body. Avoid the part below the knees and inner thighs.

First option

Apply a peeling on dry skin and rub from bottom to top.

With your palm and thumb, make movements on the problematic parts just like shown on the picture.

Apply the oil and place the silicone cup on the skin, making circular movements from the bottom up

on the skin and try to withstand the pain. However, do not overdo it because bruises should not occur.

Do it again the second step. This massage can be done 3 times a week for 10 minutes.

Second option

Before showering, brush the problematic parts of dry skin with a dry brush, making circular movements from bottom up in the clock direction.

After showering, apply oil to the body and massage the problematic parts.

The regular repetition of such types of massage will help you achieve great results and have a beautiful body and smooth skin.

Would you try this method? It is said that after 1 month you will achieve an incredible results.

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