She is 51 year old , but look like 20. Her anti ageing secret is this one natural ingredient


She is 51 but looks 20 and without a single wrinkle! Here I would like to share with you how to become younger! Suitable for both men and women.

Yamada Keiko is 51 years old but she looks only 20 years old. She did not do plastic surgery and totally relied on natural beauty-care and anti-ageing therapy.

Yamada Keiko (F) is 51 this year.

 She was born on 17 January 1966. She is a Japanese artist, host, model and entrepreneur.

She bagged the first prize during the 2012 Tokyo Second Phase Beauty Contest.

She was also selected for having “The Most Beautiful Natural Skin Make-up”.

Many housewives said Yamada Keiko gave them new hope and showed them that age is not a barrier to beauty.

Credit behind her ageless beauty goes to her daily skin care routine and healthy diet

Yamada Keiko said she would try her best to avoid eating food such as:

Ajinomoto (MSG), pickles, bubble gum, pop-corn, 3 in 1 coffee, sugar, instant noodles, fried stuff and other snacks.

She eats many different types of vegetables on a daily basis to become healthier.

Be it cold winter or hot summer, Yamada Keiko would try her best to do water replenishment repeatedly.

She would use toner and emulsion alternately accompanied with gentle massaging to make the skin supple.

In her program, she mentioned that happy smile and good mood are the secret weapons of appearing young.

A Part from this I will also share recipe of one natural mask that is secret weapon of many Japanese women to look younger.


3 tbsp rice

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp milk


It is easy and simple to do. To make this, cook the rice a few minutes.

Strain it and keep the water of the rice.

To the rice add the milk (hot) and honey and then mix.

Clean the face and apply this mask.

When it is dry, wash and rinses the face with the rice water.

Benefits and properties of this water are:

Better blood flow for starters and antioxidant protection.

Also, it keeps skin moist and soft and reduces fine lines.

This water also impacts inflammation and hydrates damaged skin.


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