9 Home Remedies For Toothache Pain Relief


If a toothache happens it will for sure ruin your day or steal the peaceful sleep, and it can be a cause of caries,

abscess or fractured teeth, sore gums, teeth-gnashing, a recent dental procedure, aggressive gum and so on.

The type of toothache as well as the intensity can vary so it can manifest as sensitivity to cold/hot or a direct contact of the tooth, or it might be pulsating, sharp or constant mild pain.

It is a must to visit your dentist in the case of emergence pf the toothache and here the rule is the sooner the better,

but in some moments when you can not get in touch with the dentist you can use any of the following tricks for toothache pain relief.

Cloves for toothache pain relief

Cloves’ oil is the most popular home remedy for the toothache pain relief,

and if you have oil of cloves, you should apply one to two drops on the tooth, but shall be careful not to swallow it. In case you do not own the oil, the cloves can also help.

Take one or two cloves and put them in the mouth in order to soften and gently press the teeth to drop a little of their oil and should know that the cloves only stiffen the place to reduce the intensity of the pain, they will not cure it.

Rinse with warm salt water

Take a teaspoon of salt and put it in a glass of hot water and then stir it, then sip the fluid to rinse the area around the tooth or to remove any food residue.

Keep the head raised up

If you will raise your head it will relieve the pressure in the area around the tooth and it might help with the toothache pain relief with pulsating.

Garlic: You should take a clove of garlic, crush it and paste it directly onto the tooth.

This plant has some properties of analgetic and antiseptic and it might help to reduce the pain.

Cold compress of the cheek

Take one gauze and put a few ice cubes and place them as a coating on the cheek on te same side where the aching tooth is.

It will help the area that is surrounding to become rigid and you can tolerate the pain easily,

but do not put ice directly on the tooth because although it can instantly help you with this procedure you are doing worse.

Frost on the hand

You should start rubbing the V area of the back of the hand with ice cube where the thumb and forefinger merge, and rub it for five minutes.

Rinse with 3% hydrogen

But a three percent hydrogen when you are having pain caused by growing new tooth or gum pain, and it will remove all food residues and also relive the pain.

Tea bags

You should take one used tea bag and place it on the tooth while it is still warm.

This kind of remedy is a popular fold one which is believed that it can help against the toothache.

Chewing gum for shipped tooth or fallen inlay

In case you are having fallen inlay or chipped tooth the exposed area with soft chewed chewing sugar free gum to reduce the pain,

and chewing gum can help and also fix the loose shattered inlay.

Chewing should be avoided in order not to worsen the situation.


In case the pain is unbearable, you can eliminate it with an aspirin or other medications for this purpose.


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