This New Toothpaste Can Leave Dentists With No Work From Now On


The enamel is the outer cover of the teeth. It is a tough shell and hardest tissue we have. Enamel covers the part visible out of gums.

Since this is translucent, light is seen through. The main tooth cover, dentin, is for the tooth color (white, grey, yellow, and on…)

Coffee, cola, tea, fruit juices, red wine, cigarettes stain enamel. Dentist visits for polish and clean remove stains almost fully.

What is the role of tooth enamel

Enamel keeps teeth safe from chewing, biting, grinding, crunching and more.

Enamel is hard but it might crack and chip. Also it covers teeth from temperature and chemicals.

Mouth tells a lot for the health

A broken bone can be repaired but if a tooth breaks or chips, damage is done. Since enamel has no living cells, body cannot repair this.

What makes erosion to enamel

This is when acids remove the enamel and due to:
Too much sodas and citric acids
Fruit drinks
Low saliva flow and dry mouth
Sugar diet and starches
Acid reflux
GI problems

Environment factors (corrosion, stress, wear and tear, friction)
Yamagishi Kazue, Japanese research experts made an item for personal care, a DIY paste.

This paste fills every crack and hole in teeth and restores enamel too.

Here cracks and holes are the main cause for dental issues.

Brushing makes teeth cleaner and now you can even reverse damage at home.

This paste has items like tooth enamel mimic items. It resembles a paste but is easily adopted at home uses.

This formula is made with the item hydroxylapatite or crystalline calcium phosphate, majority of items in the tooth.

This dilutes the acid on the tooth’s surface and after 3 min this paste gets crystals and fastens to the enamel. With this, no more dentists.


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