These 3 Amazing Drinks Will Melt Your Stomach


It is a widespread belief that bananas must be avoided, if you are trying to lose weight.

 But, health experts and scientists have confirmed that this is far from the truth.

Even more, mostly because of their high content of potassium, bananas are the perfect ingredient for people that stick to a certain health regimen.

Potassium is known for its ability to eliminate excess water in the body.

Potassium boosts metabolism efficiently, when combined with other fat burning foods, like flax seeds and spinach.

Bananas are actually packed with potassium, essential for the elimination of excess water from the body.

A single banana, depending on its size, contains up to 450 mg of potassium.

Because bananas are rich in sucrose, fructose and glucose, they are a great source of energy.

Thanks to its ingredients, bananas are ideal food when you are hungry.

Instead of reaching for processed and unhealthy foods, take a banana, and due to its high content of fiber you will experience a great metabolism boost.

Bananas are the ideal ingredient used as a base in the preparation of fat burning shakes and drinks.

Combine wild berries, bananas, flaxseeds and spinach to make a real nutritional bomb and give your body all the minerals and vitamins necessary for proper function.

Bananas and flaxseed

1 orange

2 tablespoons of whey
1 banana
2 tablespoons of flaxseeds

Banana and forest fruit

1 tablespoon of honey
1 banana
½ cup of lukewarm water
1 tablespoon of grated ginger
1 cup of blueberries, cranberries or raspberries

Banana and spinach

1/3 cup of crushed cereal
1 banana
½ cup low – fat yoghurt
200g of fresh spinach
1 tablespoon of honey


The method of preparation for all of the drinks above is the same. Blend everything together and that is all.

Enjoy your glass full of nutrients, once you are done blending, and it is recommended that you consume them instead of your regular breakfast.

 These drinks will help you melt belly fat easily, thanks to the healthy ingredients. Enjoy!

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