Prevent Tooth Decay, Protect Your Enamel, And Make Your Teeth White And Strong Only With One Ingredient


We all know that dental hygiene is important, mainly to prevent cavities.

Most of the time, as long as we brush and floss a couple of times a day and get regular cleanings, we are able to keep our teeth and gums health.

Sometimes, though, it’s more difficult than that. Especially people who crave sweets, and those who live on a raw food diet, are more at risk.

Foods that cling to teeth, such as dairy products, dried fruits, cake and cookies are more likely to cause decay than other foods.

Those who snack throughout the day or who drink acidic beverages are more at risk, as are those who suffer from eating disorders, heartburn, or dry mouth.

Age also plays a part, with younger and older patients more at risk.

Fortunately, there are some many natural ways to prevent your teeth but this method is the best, and you need only one ingredient-lemon oil Lemon is a good remedy for growing back receding gums as it stimulates the growth of new gum tissue.

The refreshing smell of lemon keeps all bad breath away too.

However, because lemon is acidic in nature, its regular use may damage the enamel of your teeth.

That`s why you should use lemon oil only once a week and not daily.

Instead of using the very strong lemon essential oil, try making your own lemon oil at home so that you are saved from the damaging effects it has on your tooth enamel.


Olive oil- 1/4– 1/2 cup

Lemon juice– from 1/2– 1 fresh lemon


Take the oil in a jar with cover.

Include the freshly squeezed lemon juice into this oil.

Cover the jar with the lid.

Shake it well and put it in shade to prepare an infusion.

Let this instill for few weeks before you start using it for your oral health.

Shake it once daily.

After a few weeks, may be 3-4 weeks, start utilizing this lemon oil.

How to utilize it:

To utilize it, you can take a small quantity of the lemon oil on to your ánger or a tooth brush.

Massage your gums carefully with this for couple of minutes.


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