Cure Stomach Problems Without Medicine With These Natural Remedies


According to Anil Minocha, a gastroenterologist and author of Natural Stomach Care, the stomach literary has a mind of its own, which is intimately linked to the one in our brain.

In America, for instance, statistics show that one out of 5 individuals suffers from functional digestive disorders.

What this means is that their digestive system may be structurally healthy, but it’s function is undermined by various factors.

Intense emotional stress can lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which comes along with diarrhea, persistent pain, bloating, as well as constipation.

Some people may not even be having any disorders, but experience stomach upset or heartburn every time they’re about to fly or give a speech.

The conventional treatments for these disorders are usually not effective enough and have myriad side effects.

As such, most individuals opt for psychological remedies, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), hypnotherapy, and relaxation techniques, which deliver exceptional results.

A mind of its own

About a decade ago, a Columbia University neurobiologist by the name Michael D. Gershon coined the term “the second brain”.

The term describes the network of nerves cells and fibers within the stomach’s wall.

 The stomach has the highest number of nerve cells– over 100 million– compared to any other body organ. Its neurotransmitter is similar to those in the brain.

Easy Remedies for Better Digestion


Research shows that individuals with IBS who consume probiotics on a regular basis can cut down the symptoms by 50 %.

Anil Minor, MD, explains that they influence gut motility, immune antibody response, as well as gut secretion.

He goes on to recommend regular intake of two servings of top-quality yogurt that comprise multiple live active cultures.


A recent study in New York revealed that consumption of one capsule of peppermint a day can cut down IBS-related abdominal pain by 80 %.

It has also been affirmed that peppermint has the potential to relax the muscles that are responsible for cramps and spasms.

Be Always Prepared

If you normally experience GI distress prior to boarding a plane or giving a speech, it is advisable to arrive at the respective place early so as to have enough time to prepare, inhale deeply, and relax.

Try Homeopathy

According to Elizabeth Lipski, a nutritionist, Hyland’s Calms Forte is a very effective homeopathic remedy when it comes to treating stomach disorders occasioned by nervous tension and stress.


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