12 Toothache Cures of Nature – Dentists Hide These Advice


Tooth pain is common and people more and more depend on nature more than drugs.

Modern meds have benefits but nature avoids dentists and people try to rely more on nature for pain removal.

Causes of tooth pain

Cavities are usually the cause for tooth pain but there are other causes also.
Infection of gums
Repetition moves like grinding teeth
Tooth decay
Eruption of teeth
Abnormal bites
Fractures of teeth
Damaged fillings
Abscess in tooth
As for the signs, some are sharp pain, throbbing, headache, fever, swelling.

Home remedies for tooth pain

Clove oil
This oil has eugenol as antiseptic and anesthetic too for killing germs and gum pains. A study said this is just as good as painkiller benzocaine. Mix 1 tsp eugenol and clove drops, apply with cotton and remove this when you feel numbness. Rinse the mouth and also try to chew cloves inside.

Ginger cayenne paste
Reduces swelling, pain, infections, bleeding. Mix ginger and cayenne same parts and water. Soak cotton and apply on the tooth.

Salt water gargling
1 tsp salt and cup boiled water. This removes infection and throat pain too. Also removes debris and swelling. Let the water cool and gargle for 30 seconds.

Mint tea
A 2013 study said mint oil removes bacteria and pathogens. Drink this tea with 1 tsp mint leaves steeped 20 min. this also removes headache and bad breaths.

This is astringent and removes inflammation. Rinse with this and remove bacteria said RDH. For DUY rinse of myrrh, simmer 1 tsp myrrh for 2 cups water, cool it and drink daily.

Raw garlic
This removes fungi, viruses, bacteria and the item allicin is medicinal. Crush a clove and after a few minutes it is medicinal. Mix in some salt and apply on the tooth. Or chew a clove daily.

This works in 2 ways; its smell is soothing anxiety and the alcohol numbs. Dab some vanilla on the finger and rub it on the tooth. Do it twice daily.

Turmeric paste
It removes viruses and bacteria, fights bad breath, redness, irritation, stains. Mix 1 tbsp coconut, 1 tsp turmeric and drops mint oil. Brush teeth with this and rinse.

Chew gum
Lost filling of tooth is hurting and to remove this pain, chew gum on the opposite side and apply this gum on the tooth.

Ice or compress on the cheek removes pain before a procedure.

Apply pressure with the hand and the point is base of index finger and thumb. Hold a few minutes and have painkiller endorphins.

Essential oils

A 2014 study said these oils fight plaque. A study by Pizzo et. Al. for plaque effect on amine fluoride and stannous fluoride with oils had no difference in efficiency.

Chlorhexidine makes stains on teeth, and oils are alternative to this.

Also they remove bacteria and pathogens. Use oils of cinnamon, tea tree, clove, spearmint, myrrh, mint.


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