Avoid These 10 Foods If You Suffer From Joint Pain


Joint pain impedes the movement causing inflammation, soreness and discomfort in the joints. These days, the number of people afflicted with joint pain is quite big, irrespectively of age or gender. The pain can be mild or severe, and chronic or acute.

Gout and arthritis are the two main reasons for joint pain. Moreover, it can occur because of broken or dislocated bones, fibromyalgia, bursitis, leukemia, muscle strains and lupus. Nevertheless, you can calm joint pain with the help of proper medication, exercise, alternative medicine and diet. There are number of foods which soothe joint pain, such as ginger, turmeric or garlic, but a number of foods make the pain more intense.

In case you are afflicted with joint pain, avoid these 10 foods.

1.Red and Processed Meat
These foods have purines and nitrites, and these notably increase pain and inflammation in the body.

Processed foods are abundant in toxins, which are known as advanced glycation products (AGEs). These products increase inflammation. According to a study from 2014, glycan, which is found in red meat increases inflammation and the progression and development of cancer.

According to another study, you need to replace processed meat and red meat with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.

2.Artificial and Refined Sugars
The AGEs level increases by high amount of sugar, thereby causes inflammation. Sugar stimulates the release of cytokines, which are powerful inflammatory agents. Moreover, sugar promotes weight gain, thereby putting extra pressure on the joints. Additionally, soft drinks are also detrimental for the health, and consuming them on a regular basis is going to promote rheumatoid arthritis in females, affecting many dietary factors and lifestyles.

So, you need to avoid drinking fruit and soft drinks, pastries, candies, snacks, punches and presweetened cereals. As an alternative, you need to use stevia, honey, and blackstrap molasses as natural sweeteners.

3.Dairy Products
Dairy products are rich on casein, which is a protein that triggers inflammation. This protein can inflame the tissue which surrounds the joints.

Moreover, the pain can be stimulated by the saturated fats found in dairy products, such as butter, milk, or cheese. In case you are afflicted with joint pain or similar chronic pain, you need to stay away from pasteurized milk and consume tofu, margarine, soy or almond milk instead.

4.Corn Oil
This type of oil is abundant in omega-6 fatty acids which promote the production of inflammatory chemicals. According to a certain study, this type of acid promotes diseases and inflammatory processes.

Foods which are rich in omega-6 fatty acids are safflower, grapeseed, soy, sunflower and peanut oil.

However, these oils shouldn’t be eliminated from the diet since they are necessary for proper development and growth. They need to be consumed in moderation.

5.Refined Flour and Grains
These are powerful inflammatory agents which promote joint pain. They have high-glycemic properties which trigger the AGEs production, thereby promoting inflammation. A study which was brought out in Nutrients, states that consuming wheat produce and other cereal grains stimulates the autoimmune diseases manifestation and also chronic manifestation.

These grains lack in fiber and also vitamin B and possess a number of empty calories. The risk of developing a degenerative disease like cancer, diabetes and heart disease increases by regular consumption of these grains. Use brown rice and whole-grain, coconut or almond flour instead of white rice and paste.

Consuming eggs on a regular basis can increase the pain and swelling in the joint. Yolks are high in arachidonic acid which produces prostaglandins, which are inflammatory agents and which promote inflammation.

Moreover, eggs are also high in saturated fat, which is also an inflammatory agent. Remove the yolks next time you eat eggs.

7.Whey Protein
Whey protein contains casein and gluten which trigger pain and inflammation in the joints. Casein is a protein which is responsible for producing uric acid. When in great amount, uric acid triggers inflammation and pain in the body, particularly in the joints. This particular joint pain is called gout, and it can be grave and can lead to serious damage.

People with gluten sensitivity can be afflicted with chronic inflammation. According to a study from 2013, foods which are gluten-free can reduce adiposity, insulin resistance and inflammation.

Lean protein can be found in nuts, beans and seeds.

8.Refined Salt
This type of salt which is also called table salt is not recommended for people afflicted with joint pain. Thus type of salt contain chemicals and additives which imbalance the body fluids.

Moreover, this type of salt does not include silicon and phosphorus, which are necessary for proper function of the body.

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