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Consume These 8 Foods And Say Hello To A Brand New Liver!

To take care of our liver health is essential to include in our diet foods that help us to purify excess toxins and facilitate the work of this organ

The liver is one of the excretory organs and plays a very important role in the health of the whole organism.

Together with the gallbladder, it works to ease the digestive processes and, by the way, remove the toxins that travel through the bloodstream.

  In addition, it is involved in the production of some hormones and is key to the storage and use of some essential nutrients.

However, like other body systems, you may have problems and illnesses that prevent you from performing your tasks optimally .
As a consequence , a series of negative reactions occur that, if not controlled, can affect the quality of life.

Fortunately, many of these problems can be avoided by just changing daily habits and improving the diet.

In fact, there are several foods whose properties support their functioning to prevent the development of serious conditio…


Bad breath, medically called halitosis, can result from poor dental health habits and may be a sign of other health problems.

Bad breath can also be made worse by the types of foods you eat and other unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Fortunately, this problem is often easy to fix. What helps: Good oral hygiene, regular visits to your dentist, and ruling out any underlying conditions or other factors (such as some medications, diets, and foods) that could make your breath less than pleasant.

You need:

2 lemons
1 cup of lukewarm water
Half a spoonful of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate
1 teaspoon of honey


Add the lemon juice together with the cinnamon and the honey in a bottle.

(If you do not have the honey, you can also use bicarbonate). Then, add a cup of warm water and shake everything well.

Curing bad breath with a lemon rinse has been used for generations.

The acidic content in lemons prevents growth of bacteria in your mouth.

Plus, its strong pleasant smell helps mask th…

7 Conditions that are Caused by Sleeping with Wet Hair

If you find yourself frequently sleeping with wet hair, you may think twice after reading this.

You won’t magically wake up with a cold or flu if your hair isn’t dry at bedtime since those are caused by viruses, not temperature or wet hair, but there are other consequences to this common practice.

Some of the more obvious consequence have to do with hair health, while the more surprising ones affect your skin and body. When it comes down to it, the inconvenience of drying your hair is much less impactful than dealing with the conditions below.

7 Reasons Why Sleeping with Wet Hair isn’t Great
Get out your hair dryer!

1. Hair Breakage
Hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet. It’s porous and can absorb up to 45% of its own weight in water.

The involuntary movement of your head during sleep pulls your hair every which way, increasing the risk of breakage. This affects the overall texture of your hair and makes it harder to grow out. Plus, broken ends have a tendency to frizz, a situati…

This Natural Recipe Will Make Your Facial Hair Disappear Forever

There are a countless number of women who have to deal with excessive and unwanted facial hair.

 The unwanted facial hair can appear on the cheeks, forehead, upper lip or chin.

As a result, women can feel unattractive and unfeminine, especially if the hair is excessive and thick.

Excessive facial hair appears due to various reasons, such as heredity and thyroid dysfunction.

In order to treat this issue, women decide to spend a fortune on expensive products, treatments, and creams.

 However, these methods do not only provide a temporary result, but they are also painful. Therefore, it is far better to rely on natural alternatives.

So, we decided to show you a natural scrub to get rid of facial hair. The following scrub is made of some affordable ingredients.

Moreover, it has long lasting effects and it is safe to use. Additionally, this scrub will rejuvenate the skin, improve its quality, and make it smooth and shiny.

Natural Recipe for Facial Hair


1 tablespoon oatmeal pa…

Avoid These 10 Foods If You Suffer From Joint Pain

Joint pain impedes the movement causing inflammation, soreness and discomfort in the joints. These days, the number of people afflicted with joint pain is quite big, irrespectively of age or gender. The pain can be mild or severe, and chronic or acute.

Gout and arthritis are the two main reasons for joint pain. Moreover, it can occur because of broken or dislocated bones, fibromyalgia, bursitis, leukemia, muscle strains and lupus. Nevertheless, you can calm joint pain with the help of proper medication, exercise, alternative medicine and diet. There are number of foods which soothe joint pain, such as ginger, turmeric or garlic, but a number of foods make the pain more intense.

In case you are afflicted with joint pain, avoid these 10 foods.

1.Red and Processed Meat
These foods have purines and nitrites, and these notably increase pain and inflammation in the body.

Processed foods are abundant in toxins, which are known as advanced glycation products (AGEs). These products increase i…

How To Drink Bittergourd Juice To Break Down Kidney Stones For Elimination.

Eating processed and fatty foods causes the entire body to get sluggish, fatigued, and impeded with toxin build-up in the liver and kidneys.  The liver is the major organ in the body that is responsible for filtering out toxic matter.

 Hence, an overwhelmed liver causes the kidneys to suffer, too. Detoxification is one of the best ways to support both liver and kidneys, and the best way to do this is by eating bitter veggies and herbs. 

Many people are fond of sweet fruits and dislike the bitter taste of certain veggies, although they miss on the long list of benefits of bitters.

The bitter taste is linked to poisonous chemical compounds like alkaloids present in plants. However, eating small amounts of these compounds is needed for healing.  Interestingly, even the animals turn to bitters when they are sick.

Why Eat Bitters
In addition to the robust nutritional profile of the bitter plants below, they are known to activate many physiological responses, too.

Bitters encourage the sec…

13 Detox Foods To Flush Out Toxins, Fight Cancer Cells And Relentlessly Hunt Free Radicals

You body is constantly filtering your food and your blood to remove toxins and waste.

This automated self-cleaning process helps keep your body healthy and free of illness.

However, an unhealthy lifestyle plagued by junk food, lack of sleep, stress and long hours sitting at a desk can make it hard for your body to detox itself.

Left alone, toxins can slowly buildup in the body and damage your organs by either disrupting their normal functions or by aging them faster.

Here’s what you can do to help your body remove toxic substances and improve your overall health.

1. Avoid Processed Foods
Processed foods contain more bad salt, sugar and fat than natural foods. They are also often loaded with flavoring agents, preservatives and food coloring. These substances all make their way into your digestive tract -and eventually- to your liver and kidneys.

While these organs have no problems processing most of these substances every once in a while, when you start eating too much, these substanc…

10 Ways to Get Rid of a Headache

Headaches happen. The good news is there are several simple things you can do to ease the pain without a trip to the doctor or drugstore. Try these tips and get to feeling better fast.

1. Try a Cold Pack
If you have a migraine, place a cold pack on your forehead. Ice cubes wrapped in a towel, a bag of frozen peas, or even a cold shower may lessen the pain. Keep the compress on your head for 15 minutes, then take a break for 15 minutes.

2. Use a Heating Pad or Hot Compress
If you have a tension headache, place a heating pad on your neck or the back of your head. If you have a sinus headache, hold a warm cloth to the area that hurts. A warm shower might also do the trick.

3. Ease Pressure on Your Scalp or Head
If your ponytail is too tight, it could cause a headache. These "external compression headaches" can also be brought on by wearing a hat, headband, or even swimming goggles that are too tight. In one study, women who loosened their hair saw their headache disappear.

4. …

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel For Hair Growth

When it comes to hair growth, patience is key, but it’s hard to sit idly and watch your hair fall out. It sometimes takes, not months, but years, for your hair to get to the length you want. What’s a girl to do to speed up the process? Well, a girl could use simple home remedies that boost hair growth.

Aloe vera is pretty much an awesome, easy to use remedy, often overlooked. Aloe vera boasts a vast repository of amino acids and proteolytic enzymes which efficiently help improve scalp health and boost hair growth. And so to make the hair growth process a whole lot easier, I’ve put together a list of the 15 different ways you can use aloe vera to boost hair growth. First, let’s look at how aloe vera benefits hair.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair
A lot of people frequently ask me “is aloe vera good for your hair?” And “what does aloe vera do for your hair?” The answer to the first question is—Yes! Aloe vera is great for your hair! I might sound like I’m exaggerating here, but aloe vera …


Lemon and garlic are commonly used as a seasoning for salads or meat.

Nevertheless, people are not aware of the positive effects that these two ingredients offer to their health and body when combined together.

Lemon and garlic combined together are used for lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood, for cleaning clogged arteries and for improving circulation.

High level of cholesterol means that LDL cholesterol has been accumulated in the main arteries which leads to possible heart attack or other heart diseases.

The pharmaceutical industries offer a wide range of products which can help in the fight against these diseases, but why would one struggle for artificial remedies when there are natural and very efficient solutions.

Namely, if you add garlic and lemon into your everyday diet, you will provide better circulation and healthier cardiovascular system to your body.

The ideal cocktail for unclogging your heart arteries

There are two ways of consuming and preparing the garli…

Mouthwash Removes Plaque From Teeth In 1 Minute

Oral hygiene could be very essential for dental health. We all recognize that is most important to sweep their tooth morning and evening, but aside from a toothbrush and paste, need to be used and dental floss and mouthwashes.

Mouthwashes ought to be used specially when you have troubles with plaque and tartar. And the exceptional is that leaves fresh aroma on your mouth.

Mouthwash Removes Plaque From Teeth In 1 Minute

Today we’re offering you a recipe for selfmade mouthwash.

The blessings of creating this kind of liquid for your homes are that you are positive within the pleasant of elements, is less expensive and you’ll get extra amount.


-1 tablespoon baking soda

-½ cup hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide)

-½ teaspoon of salt

-½ cup heat water

-1 cup cold water



-Pot the cup

-Toothpick (toothpicks).


-Blend the baking soda with the salt. Then wet the toothbrush in warm water and spread with the mixture above.

Rub thoroughly the enamel a…

Say Goodbye To High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol And Many More Diseases With This Natural Remedy

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol, also known as hypertension, occurs when this force is very high.

Blood pressure usually increases with age and body size.

Newborn babies often have very low blood pressure values ​​that are considered normal for them. Older adolescents, on the other hand, have values ​​similar to those of adults.

Garlic emits a strong odor that you may not like very much but this garlic drink is very powerful and can heal several diseases, once you discover how easy you can make it and learn more of its benefits, surely you want to have it always In your kitchen

It can remove salt and salt deposits in your body, strengthen the body, to fight viruses, infections and bacteria, purify the blood, strengthen the immune system, blood vessels and function of the heart.

This drink eliminates excess fat and increases metabolism.

It can be used to treat diseases…

Homemade Toothpaste: Keep Your Teeth Strong And Healthy With This Simple Recipe

Most toothpastes contain Fluoride, and if you didn’t know, this a toxic chemical, and it will only damage your teeth.

But, with homemade toothpaste, you can skip this chemical and have healthy and strong teeth.

 Homemade Toothpaste: Keep Your Teeth Strong And Healthy With This Simple Recipe

Making toothpaste is really easy; it doesn’t require a lot of time, nor money.

And since almost all store bought toothpaste contains either Fluoride or sulfates, you can make this natural paste and avoid all the bad stuff.

You will need just a few things:
Half cup of coconut oil
2 or 3 tablespoons of baking soda
2 small packets of stevia powder
About 20 drops of cinnamon or peppermint essential oil
10 drops of myrrh extract (this is optional ingredient)

Melt coconut oil and mix other ingredients with it. Stir it well. Semi-hard coconut oil is best stirred with fork or spoon, and if you completely melt it, you will probably have to stir it a few times, because you want to keep the bakin…

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Cellulite is a persistent subcutaneous fat which causes dimpling of the skin. It usually appears on women`s hips and thighs.

Cellulite skin is similar to the dimpled surface of cottage cheese or an orange peel.

n this article you can find an extremely easy and simple way to get rid of cellulite.

You will need only one ingredient which you probably have it in your kitchen.

Apple cider vinegar is an extremely effective natural remedy against cellulite.

It is abundant in magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals which stimulate circulation and the elimination of excess fluids from the body.

Apple cider vinegar prevents water and fluid retention around stomach and thighs.

The healing properties of apple cider vinegar have been known since ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

Furthermore, this natural remedy can stimulate weight loss, reduce cellulite and prevent bloating.

You can prepare this anti-cellulite mixture at home. All you need you do mix one part of apple cider vinegar with t…

Just By Using 2 Ingredients Your Pores Will Disappear Forever And Your Face Will Be Cleaner Than Ever

One of the commonest cosmetic issues is the problem of big pores.

This problem is especially manifested in people who have oily skin or oily T-zone on their face.

In time, grime and dust accumulate in the pores and the facial skin starts lacking shine and looking uneven.

There are numerous different cosmetic products that are specifically made for pore tightening, but are not very efficient and usually are loaded with chemicals.

1. Lemon Juice and Egg White:

Take a bowl and add two egg whites and few drops of lemon juice into it.

Mix so that you get a thick paste and then apply the paste onto your face.

 Leave the paste on for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash your face.

 This mask is amazingly efficient and will help you get rid of the dead skin, extra oil, and it will help you tighten your pores.

2. Lemon Juice and Tomato:

Make a puree using two tomatoes, and then add a few drops of lemon juice in it.

Stir well so that you get a thick paste, and then apply that paste on…

Here Is What You Need to Do If You Experience Sleep Disorders, Brittle Nails, and Hair Loss!

Right above the kidneys we can find the adrenal glands, small layered glands which have a very important function in our body. They regulate the kidney’s function and hormone productions including testosterone, estrogen and cortisol.

Additionally, adrenal glands are also in charge of the secretion of some hormones, like adrenaline and steroids, which are in charge of regulating your blood pressure, stimulating your metabolism and immune system.

As you can imagine, any deviation from their function will result in a number of health issues so it’s of utmost importance that you make sure they do their job properly.


What we call adrenal fatigue is not one simple thing, it’s a combination of symptoms that include fatigue, digestive problems, aches and pains all over the body, sleep problems and irritability. When they’re experienced at the same time we get adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue leads to lower levels of hormones and this has an effect on our overall hea…

At The Age Of 60, This Plant Returned My Vision, Eliminated The Fat From My Liver And Cleaned My Colon

Nowadays, we all live hectic and unhealthy lifestyles and that has started to affect our health notably.

We eat very little and unhealthy, we don’t exercise often and are constantly stressed.

Undoubtedly, many people spend hours and hours on the computer to find a solution and improve their health.

 People search for face masks, treatments for lowering of the cholesterol, triglycerides, weight loss etc.

In this article, we’ve decided to present you a well-known vegetable that can help you against many of these problems.

It’s beetroot! This marvelous vegetable can be combined with many fruits and vegetables.

Use it into salads and drinks! It’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, it possesses anti-carcinogenic properties and can help you treat most of the problems we’ve mentioned before!

Here, we are going to show you a recipe that will improve your health to the maximum!


3 beets

2 onions

Salt to taste

Extra virgin olive oil

Preparation and consumption:

Peel the beets and cook…

Top 10 Best Cancer-Fighting Foods To Add To Your Grocery List

There is surmounting evidence that the foods we eat weigh heavily on our fight against cancer. With 1 in 3 people affected by the disease, it is crucial that we include on our grocery list, some of the best cancer-fighting foods available.

Chaga Mushroom
The ORAC value of the extraordinary chaga mushroom is among the highest of any known food! The ORAC test stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and measures the ability of food to absorb free radicals. Foods with the highest ORAC rating help protect against premature aging and memory loss. Chaga mushrooms score at over 110,400 on the ORAC scale, which is ridiculously high, and great for free-radical scavenging activity. Because free-radicals are a major trigger and cause of cancerous cell growth, consuming high antioxidant containing foods is a must.

There are multiple studies that have proven chaga mushrooms’ incredible ability to inhibit cancer cell growth by inducing apoptosis (cell death) of the tumor in question.

Chaga is…


Many people are aware that there are effective natural remedies against pain, but they don’t know how to use them.

That’s why we’re writing this article – we’ll show you how to use 6 natural anti-inflammatory remedies which will reduce the pain in your joints and knees.

In order to treat their back, joint or knee pain, many people use over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs such as Ibuprofen.

These drugs are sometimes effective, but they never treat the underlying problem and have adverse side-effects as well.

Plus, there’s no reason paying for them when nature offers quite a few anti-inflammatory remedies and analgesics that can reduce the pain in various body parts. These remedies are cheap and very effective, and you can prepare them yourself at home.

Rosemary is a powerful aromatic herb often used in aromatherapy and various dishes. Rosemary contains ursolic acid, a powerful compound which can reduce pain and fight infections in the joints. Here’s how to use …

The Top Foods That Cause Chronic Inflammation in the Body

Doctors are learning that one of the best ways to fight disease and illness is by avoiding the very foods that cause chronic inflammation. While this isn’t a new concept for those with a more holistic view of the body, it is for the modern medical system, which focuses on treating symptoms instead of addressing the root cause of an issue.

Your immune system becomes activated whenever it recognizes a foreign substance – whether that be a chemical molecule, invading microbe or plant pollen. This triggers a process known as inflammation – a beneficial process when triggered for the right purposes.

However, when this inflammation stays triggered, day in, day out, it becomes not quite so beneficial. In fact, many major disease like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression and Alzheimer’s have all been linked to chronic inflammation. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Heart disease is inflammation of the arteries. ALS is inflammation of the central nervous system. The l…