Deep abdominal fat

Small amount of visceral fat is necessary. It provides a kind of cushioning around the organs.

However, too much fat makes you prone to various diseases such as diabetes type 2, hypertension, dementia, heart disease and certain types of cancer including

colon and breast cancer.

Kristen Hairston, who is an assistant professor of metabolism and endocrinology at Wake Forest Medicine School, has said that the stored fat is pretty active part of the body and it may do some harm.

As reported by the PhD professor of pathology – comparative medicine at Wake Forest Medicine School, Carol Shively, gaining extra weight makes the body to store its fat in some unusual places.

 If people suffer from increasing obesity their regular areas for storing fat are already full, so the excess weight is stored into organs, for example around the heart.

The excess weight is the main reason for various health issues. According to the recent information from World Health Organization, obesity increases the risks of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

The number of people dealing with this problem is increasing and it seems very difficult for them to find a solution.

The recent statistics show that more than 2 billion people from the world population are obese. It is around 30% of the total world population.

 About 5% of the deaths in the world are caused by this problem too. This implies that obesity is a highly serious problem which has to be solved as soon as possible in order to avoid more serious problems.

People who suffer from obesity try to resolve the problem either with strict diets or in despair turn to liposuction.

However, although this is a very serious problem there are better ways to resolve it.

In the text below you can find out about a natural and extremely effective remedy which is a perfect solution for your abdominal fat.

First of all, you need to be more aware of the kinds of food you are consuming in order to get rid of the extra weight more easily.

You should consume healthier food, fruits and vegetables and completely avoid sugar and sweets. In order to achieve this goal you should be committed and dedicated to your cause.

Here is the miraculous recipe which will burn your abdominal fat.


• 3 pieces of pineapple

• A cucumber

• Cup of parsley

• Celery

Wash the ingredients thoroughly and mix them in a blender until you get homogeneous mixture.

Drink this juice every morning on an empty stomach. Do not add sweeteners or sugar!

Drink the juice within 15 minutes since otherwise it may lose its nutritional values.

It must not stay more than 15 minutes after the preparation, so you have to drink the juice immediately after you have blended it so that it does not lose its nutritional values.

Besides losing your abdominal weight, you will feel stronger and healthier as well!


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